-- Coleene Cooke

"Moments of Heaven on Earth"  

-- Jody Shamansky

"Is it possible to find a barn for your horse that has it all?  Could there be a barn that has not only superior care for the horses, including, daily turnout, top notch hay,  careful feeding of grain, supplements and clean water, beautiful barns with roomy box stalls with large exterior windows, an expert staff who keep careful watch on your horse for any irregularity, combined with a rider friendly facility including a lovely sand outdoor arena  and two indoor arenas and miles of beautiful trails with woods, a pond, streams, rolling fields and  cross country jumps in a meadow?  Too good to be true?  Nope, Jennifer Robertson has created this reality at TR and more.  With Jennifer at the helm, the atmosphere at TR Is unique.  Every boarder seems to have caught the spirit from Jennifer that we at TR are a small horse community and we are all in this together, sharing our love of horses and keeping an eye out now only for our own horses, but for all horses at TR.   This golden rule philosophy and shared heartfelt concern for these amazing creatures makes TR the barn that has it all."


-- Bill Bering, Member, Rocky Fork Headley Hunt

" No question in my mind that the folks at Timber Run sincerely care about the owners and their horses. Not easy to find a stable that goes out of their way to provide all the special care you want, but Timber Run makes that happen."

-- Nichole Binkoski

“5 years ago, a big trailer pulled in with one horse that had gone through the ringer; a torn tendon on the mend, and 2 weeks post major colic surgery. It was cold, dark, and icy, but somehow we were welcomed by Jen's bright smile. I felt at home finally, and could relax and enjoy my horse at a boarding facility again. Fast forward 5 years from that day, and here were are. Timber Run went from our new home, to our show home, and now Romeo's retirement home. I'm so blessed to have been a part of the Timber Run family, especially as we, fingers crossed, work on bringing a second horse home. Thanks for everything that you all do, I am so proud and blessed. Romeo and the Binkoski family love you guys so incredibly much!”

-- Amber Vannoy

"Couldn't ask for a better place to keep my boys."

-- Chrissie Schneider Dvm

"Bella Vista Equine Veterinary Services provides veterinary care for many horses at Timber Run Farm. The farm staff is very observant and attentive to the needs of the horses - both in their routine care and when injuries/illness require special attention.  They treat each boarded horse as if they were their own!"  

-- Hanna Erickson

"Timber Run is more of a family than anything else, and I've felt at home here since day one. We moved around for years before finding Timber Run and every experience was negative in some way, be it the people there being unfriendly or absent or the facilities themselves being sub-par. Timber Run is filled with happy horses, happy staff, and happy people and I'm so glad I'm a part of this little slice of heaven! Sherlock is so happy there and it's an amazing relief to know that he is getting the best care possible, especially on days where I cannot make it to the barn because of my busy schedule or the weather. Everyone is so willing to help and look after the horses, so I know I never have to worry."



-- Tracy Baker

"You can certainly say that as a previous Show Stable Manger and groom, I am very particular about the level of care and turnout and  Timber Run filled all of my needs and wants for my horse.  Jennifer the owner is always available and willing to listen to even the smallest concerns and requests and does her best at making things work.  Diane the farm manger also listens to any questions and concerns and once again tries to make everything perfect.  I can say that they do their best at managing their customers on an individual basis and making you feel like a custom program has been designed for you and your horse. The staff is well informed and fantastic at handling all of the animals on site.  The facilities are perfect for a variety of uses.  If you want to ride in an enclosed or fenced area it's available.  If you like trails and just hack around, it's available.  If you like to jump on trail or on a grassy cross country field it's available. They have fantastic trainers available and are willing to bring people in and expose everyone to a variety of training techniques.  I couldn't be happier and would recommend Timber Run to all of my horse friends. Thanks for letting me join the Timber Run Family!"

-- Judy Smith

"My husband and I have been at Timber Run Farm for nearly three years now. Diane and Jen do a great job at organizing the barn and making sure everything is running smoothly. Improvements are regularly made such as new arena footing, new fencing, new pasture and road repairs. If something is not right it is fixed. Our horses are treated with kindness and their needs are put first. The workers treat the horses well and are very positive. The horses are fed on a regular schedule and Jen, the owner, is generous with the hay. There are beautiful, well maintained bridle trails to take your partner on which includes a variety of scenery and difficulty. There is Lobdell Creek to ride through or down, there are lovely woods with wildflowers in the spring, there are hills, gullies and meadows to ride through. There is a jump field, an outdoor arena and two indoor arenas to play in. With the positive atmosphere and people it's a fun and relaxing place to be. Mostly importantly my horses River and Misty are happy and relaxed horses here. There is usually a waiting list to get in but it is well worth the wait as this is the best barn around!"

-- Krista Kukovec

“I have been boarding my horses for 25 years and five years ago I moved to Columbus. I investigated many barns before I moved here. Once here I quickly became part of the dressage community through a local GMO allowing the opportunity to be introduced to more barns across central Ohio. In all my years of boarding horses, across two cities, dealing with four weather seasons, etc, etc "hands down" I have settled at the best boarding facility in Ohio. Your team members, management, acreage, and riding facility trump all other facilities I have called home for my horses. Rue and I are blessed to be part of your farm. Thanks Jen Dianne and the amazing TR Team!!"

-- Victoria Blackford

"Our horses have lived at Timber Run since 1998.  Timber Run has been a wonderful place for us and our horses--Jack and Willy, who are both buried on the Farm, and now Dakota.  In all respects, it is the best--wonderful consistent care, responsible and knowledgeable staff,  great facilities (barns, indoor and outdoor arenas), beautiful trails to ride.  The horses are well cared for.  I can leave my horse for periods of time and know for certain that he will be comfortable and well looked after.  Timber Run Farm is the best."

-- Julia Mazzarella

"Kitten and I are so thankful to you all for providing such a wonderful home for her.  I feel so lucky to have found Timber Run - sight unseen!  I know we hit the jackpot, and I don't think you'll be rid of us until we leave Ohio.  Thank you for being wonderful, kind, horse-loving people.  Kitten has never looked so good."

-- Jenny Higdon and Family

“I'm so proud to call this Ginger's home as well as our second home. I'm truly grateful for everything Jen and Dianne do every single day to make Timber Run the exceptional facility it is. There is honestly no other place like it and it deserves the honor of being on the cover of the Ohio Stable Directory! 

I was so persistent and unrelenting in my emails, phone calls and Facebook messages and I've never been more proud of how annoying I can be to get what I want lol thanks for my stall! It was all worth it and soon we will be celebrating our 1-year. Thank you for all you do!"